The Roundup: Wrangling The Best Articles From MSP Success!

Each month we bring you some of our favorite articles from the MSP Success website. From bulldozers to the death — and rebirth — of the salesman, these killer stories are worth the price of admission and are guaranteed to spark interest around the water cooler. 

5 Irrefutable Signs It’s Time To Fire Your Salesperson  

It can be a hard conversation to have, but sometimes your salesperson just isn’t cutting it: from objective failures, like missing their quotas, to more nuanced considerations, such as whether or not they are coachable. Nobody wants to admit defeat, but the best way out is often forward, and this article will remove any doubt about the right path ahead. 

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How Will Nobles Went From Bulldozer Operator To One Of The Top Cyber Security Experts In The World  

If “bulldozer operator to cyber security expert” sounds like an interesting career path, you’re not wrong. But that’s exactly the trajectory of Will Nobles, who went from working tobacco fields at 12 and a mine at 18 to graduating with multiple degrees in network engineering. Although Will and his team now respond to cyberthreats of the highest nature, he’s never forgotten his blue-collar background or the work ethic it taught him. 

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A RETURN To Selling: The Proud Profession  

Being a salesperson used to mean someone had done more than watch “Glengarry Glen Ross” five times in one weekend, but now it seems anybody can put “sales professional” on their business card. This article wants to help you rise above, from finding killer training to taking the job title past the 9-to-5. Keep the saw sharp, follow up on everything, and read this piece to help a fine profession make a much-needed return. 

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A Lesson From The Bible About How NOT To Market Cyber Security Solutions  

A 2,000-year-old holy text might not be your first place to turn for advice on marketing cyber solutions, but anybody who knows the Good Book knows its words remain as relevant in the information age as they were in the Bronze Age. In this piece, Robin Robins cites the warning in Matthew 7:3 about pointing out a splinter in your brother’s eye when you have a bigger one in your own. She’s talking about an IT company she saw using social media to shame another channel member and why that’s not sound marketing, especially since this company was not making much of its own opportunities. Remaining aware of her own actions, Robin refrains from naming names so she can impart the right lessons instead. 

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MSP Webinar Series Highlights A Brand-New Gamified Cyber Security And Compliance Awareness Platform For MSPs  

If you haven’t visited the webinar section of the MSP Success website lately, you need to go check out the webinar we just did with Scott Wright of ClickArmor. Scott’s company is bringing gamification principles to the cyber security world, and he was kind enough to give us a live demonstration of this groundbreaking approach to keeping systems safe. If you like what you see, ClickArmor has also launched an MSP Success Partner Program to help bring cutting-edge security to our awesome readers. 

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