The Roundup: Wrangling The Best Articles From MSP Success!

Each month we bring you some of our favorite articles from the MSP Success website. From bulldozers to the death — and rebirth — of the salesman, these killer stories are worth the price of admission and are guaranteed to spark interest around the water cooler. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Direct Mail Now  

In 1923, advertising pioneer Claude Hopkins wrote the perennial bestseller “Scientific Advertising,” putting forth the radical concept that advertising should be evaluated with facts, mathematics, and reason over emotion and opinions. 

This is the foundation of all the marketing and sales strategies I teach. The ultimate measure of success for any campaign is based on sales generated and the ROI, not followers or what is easy. I have always been media-agnostic and believe you need a combination of strategies to get the best results. 

When I start talking about direct mail, I know a lot of ears flop over. It doesn’t work with my clients. It’s too expensive. It’s too slow. But if you’re a serious advertiser, you’d be foolish to not incorporate it into your arsenal.  

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How To Know When A Prospect Is Playing You For A Fool 

There are some people you shouldn’t sell to, like the cheapskate who is going to fight you over every cost. Close to them is the no-payer who wants extended credit on everything. Then there’s the raging jerk who is downright nasty to you. Another is the guy who insists on doing some of the work himself, leaving behind a giant mess for you to clean up. Some simply won’t take your advice but still expect the same results.  

Often, these people reveal themselves in the sales process and should be passed over immediately. This is one of the reasons why having sufficient deal flow is critical to not only the stability of your business but also to your sanity and confidence. But how do you know when someone is kicking off warning signs of “Danger, Will Robinson!” or simply not “sold” yet?  

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How Leah Freiman Grew Her Company 300% Without Selling While Battling Cancer During A Pandemic 

Q: What made you decide to stop selling in 2020? 

A: On the one hand, my business was making nice money, covering the bills, and I was doing better than ever. On the other hand, I was always waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” I knew my business wasn’t sustainable, and with the market shifting quickly toward security, I would be up nights, worrying that my clients would get hacked. While we’d hired people to help with capacity, the processes and systems weren’t working anymore. We were still operating as a one-man band, and we needed to change if we were going to continue to grow. 

Q: In 2020, you had a lot to deal with. How did you persist through all of that and still manage to grow your business? 

A: The hardest thing was the inconsistency when the school was open one day and closed the next because I didn’t know when I was working from home and when I wasn’t. And it was hard when my gym closed and when my exercise routine changed because of cancer. 

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Come Out Swinging In 2020: George Foreman Knockout Business Secrets 

Two-time heavyweight champion, record-busting salesman, author, and serial entrepreneur George Foreman became famous in two very different careers. 

The second richest boxer of all time, Foreman is the only boxer in history to have amassed more wealth outside of the ring than he made inside the ring. 

He had a troubled childhood until he found boxing. Joining the U.S. Olympic boxing team, he captured the gold at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City at 19 years old in his 25th amateur fight. Turning pro shortly after, he became the Heavyweight Champion of the World in 1973, when he knocked out the undefeated Smokin’ Joe Frazier. After a 19-month reign in which he was undefeated (40–0), he lost to Muhammad Ali in the eighth round of a brutal fight known as “The Rumble in the Jungle.” It’s still considered by many to be one of the greatest sporting events of the 20th century. He retired from boxing the first time in 1977. 

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