How A New Business In A New Industry Hit Back-To-Back Record Months While Locked Down.

Starting a brand-new business is challenging. Starting a business by creating a whole new market is extremely demanding. Starting that business in a pandemic where your entire country is on lockdown is next to impossible. But that’s just what the team at Augment recently accomplished.

Located in Ontario, Canada, CEO Derik Belair co-founded Augment about nine months ago after leading the digital marketing strategy of SolarWinds for many years. The team at Augment fills an underserved need by optimizing and fully managing SaaS for MSPs and IT pros.

While Derik wanted to make his presence known at Technology Marketing Toolkit’s 2021 Boot Camp in Orlando, Florida, the Canadian government had other plans. They locked the country down. Naturally, Derik pivoted and reached into his bag of digital marketing tricks to score 150 MSP opt-ins with a dynamic virtual booth with multiple digital sponsorships.

In addition to their virtual booth, Derik’s digital marketing presence consisted of:

  • A premium directory listing
  • Online billboard ads
  • An ad in “Robin Recommends”
  • An ad in the online version of MSP Success magazine
  • A dashboard ad

The results were immediate and exceeded expectations. Derik said, “From our virtual presence and digital marketing at Robin Robins’ event, we overachieved on our client acquisition targets and have managed to hit two consecutive record months! Even more impressive, we managed to stay under our partner acquisition targets!”

Derik and the entire Augment team remind us that a sound digital marketing strategy will make your presence known, even when you’re 1,582 miles away (or 2,545 kilometers) away.

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