Letter from the Editor

Summer 2021 is here! Everyone is vaccinated! Virtual events are DEAD! Bring on LIVE events! 

The enthusiasm for live events in the MSP channel is contagious. Starting with our big annual IT Sales & Marketing Boot Camp (summary on page 6) and continuing on with weekly events in the channel just a few months later, everyone is done with virtual events, right? 

Not so fast!  While it’s common knowledge that nearly every IT channel company would prefer a live event over a virtual one, the facts point straight to virtual and hybrid (live + virtual) events being here to stay forever. Case in point – Our recent annual Cybersecurity Livecast event (100% virtual) was filled with nearly 2,000 MSPs for a full day and night of great content, demos and fun.  And even later this Fall, I can assure you that every large channel event is not only going to have a virtual component, but most likely the virtual attendance will at least double, if not triple the overall attendees at that event.  

We have opened up a Pandora’s box of virtual attendance that’s not going to go away anytime soon. Nor should it. The challenge for every channel company is how to capitalize on these virtual attendees to grow your channel program even faster. 

Live events are certainly back (finally!), but I guarantee they’ll never be the same again. Don’t be foolish and miss that extra opportunity. 

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