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How Elon Musk Uses Failure As A Strategy For Developing An Innovative Culture

Recently, Elon Musk’s mom revealed her reaction when the $200 million SpaceX rocket blew up. She couldn’t imagine how Elon felt … and assumed he’d feel crushed.

But to her surprise, he wasn’t paralyzed or distraught. Elon saw it as a success. Rather than get mad at his employees or curl up in a ball and hide from the world, his immediate reaction was to ask, “What went wrong?” and “What do we do differently next time?”

Repeatedly, stories in the news show Musk’s emotional intelligence when it comes to failures. His tendency to always hold himself accountable and never let failure keep him down is one reason he continues to lead an innovative culture that keeps him at the forefront, no matter the industry he’s playing in.

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8 Fundamental Principles That Will Help Your Business Thrive “Marketing isn’t everything … it’s the only thing.” –Brian Kurtz

Marketing will impact every part of your business, which is why it’s as important, if not more important, than your IT business.

When you understand marketing, act with integrity, provide value, and apply marketing strategy to your business, your service becomes a vessel for delivering a positive change to the businesses and lives of the clients you serve.

But you cannot and will not make a difference until you make the decision to consistently and aggressively market and sell your IT services.

Whether you plan to market your services yourself or plan to hire someone with marketing talent to do it for you, there are eight fundamental principles to keep in mind.

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Marketing Sucks, But … Here Are 3 Ways To Get Uncomfortable In Order To Succeed

Marketing isn’t a shot in the dark. It’s not a guess or a gut feeling. Successful client acquisition methods are all about discipline, consistency, and coping with ambiguity. I recognize that most business owners are in business to deliver a fantastic product or service they are passionate about. I also understand the desire to focus on doing just that. So, regardless of whether or not you embrace marketing, view it as a necessary evil, or feel entirely indifferent about it, I’ve got three ideas to help you improve your marketing efforts quickly.

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Growing up, Darryl Cresswell Never Felt Safe And Secure …

With parents he says he “wouldn’t wish upon anyone,” he ended up in foster care, becoming a Crown Ward of the Children’s Aid Society in Canada before his 10th birthday.

He was forced to constantly move, sometimes as frequently as every two weeks. Continually having to change schools, he lost friends with each move and had no one he could depend on. Plus, because the foster homes were often at full capacity, he frequently spent time in group homes. “It was awful,” Darryl recounted. “Group homes are not family settings. There are kids that had trouble with the law. Some have an addiction. Some have been sexually assaulted … a mix of everything. There are no parents, just social workers and strangers. There was no stability and no feeling safe.”

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