Case Study: A Win-Win Campaign For Dell And Our Members

Perhaps the best-known hierarchical model in marketing is the AIDA model. It tracks a customer’s journey from Awareness to Interest to Desire and finally to Action. In the channel, it’s not uncommon to spend many months and lots of marketing dollars in an effort to converting a prospect from initial Awareness to finally taking Action.  

That’s why, when we see a digital marketing initiative drive prospects to a simple action in mere seconds, we must applaud the result and then dissect its success.  Recently, we teamed up with Dell to serve up some goodwill to the Robin Robins community and help reaffirm its brand among our large MSP peer groups.  

Here’s What We Did: To attract the most eyeballs (Awareness) and to generate the most clicks and conversions (Action), we created both a banner ad and pop-up ad on the Technology Marketing Toolkit Member Dashboard. Our goal was to deliver as many impressions and clicks as possible with an offer that speaks to everyone — free money! — and a no-brainer call to action of signing up with no obligation.  

Upon clicking the ad, members are directed to a squeeze page where they simply enter their contact information (name, email, phone number, company) for 12 monthly chances to win $1,000! The members get a possible pay day, and Dell gets a qualified lead that could result in enrollment into their Dell Expert Network.  

The first time our clients access the Dashboard, they see a can’t-miss pop-up version of the Dell banner ad. After the initial pop-up ad, the Dell banner rotates among other ads on the Dashboard.  

Here Are The Results:  

Dashboard Pop-Up Ad: 380 clicks from 999 impressions = an impressive 38%! 

Dashboard Ad: 174 clicks from 13,812 impressions 

Unique Clicks: 356 

Form Fill Conversions: 181 Total = 53%!  

Here’s Why It Worked: We started with a very targeted audience. Any client accessing the Technology Marketing Toolkit Dashboard is an MSP who is very serious about growing their business through marketing. Next, since the Dell ad is the only banner ad and the only colorful distraction on the Dashboard, clients are compelled to read the copy and click. Finally, because there was little friction (simply submit your information) and a possible big windfall (12 chances to win $1,000), it was a win-win for Dell and our clients. By implementing this digital campaign for 12 full months, it builds a positive vibe around the Dell brand among our clients. And that was our ultimate goal. 

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