4 Keys To Choosing The RIGHT Virtual Events In 2021

After a year or more when live, in-person events were a rarity, we know some channel companies may be burned out on virtual events. However, even as live events are making a comeback, there is still tremendous value in partnering with virtual events. 

First, virtual events can reach more of your target audience. Even with vaccinations available, not everybody is ready or even capable of attending a live event. Plus, international travel, including Canada, may be restricted quite a while longer. Virtual events side step these obstacles. 

Second, companies can bring more of their teams to virtual events. Without the expense and productivity slide of live events, MSPs can now bring additional decision-makers or influencers (technical staff, business partners, spouses, etc.) to events like never before. Therefore, you can connect with more company decision-makers.  

Third, virtual events can offer greater connection opportunities and better lead generation. Instantly engage with your target audience at any time and showcase your products or services through virtual social communities. Plus, you can capture attendee leads without attracting them to a physical booth.  

The fact is that the number of quality leads, lucrative connections, and new sales you receive all depend on choosing the RIGHT virtual event using these four critical keys. 

Key 1: Aligning With The RIGHT Platform Virtual event platforms today can range from a glorified Zoom call to our own platform at BigRedVirtual.com, which comes surprisingly close to a live event. We’ve tested dozens of platforms, and it’s clearly the easiest, most secure, and problem-free virtual event platform. Plus, it’s the only one specialized for the channel. With unlimited attendees and sessions, sponsors appreciate the ability to share multiple education pieces and have highly engaging conversations with decision-makers.  

Key 2: Choosing The RIGHT Event Theme Or Topic MSP virtual events come in all shapes and sizes. By choosing a topic that is aligned with your core company message and where you can add value to attendees, you’ll ensure your products and services closely align with the event. That’s also how you attract your target market for a greater ROI. Pro Tip: Better engage your audience by offering more value over several speaking sessions.   

Key 3: Connecting With The RIGHT  

Audience No matter how fancy the virtual event platform, if you’re not meeting with your target audience, what’s the point? Only choose events proven to be able to deliver MSPs with buying power.  

Key 4: Choose The RIGHT Event Duration Studies show that event sponsors achieve the greatest ROI by partnering with virtual events that are 1–2 days in length. Anything less than a day attracts far fewer attendees, and they are not as engaged with exhibitors and sponsors. n 

Good news! Rather than scrambling to find the best 100% virtual event opportunities with the right platform, the right topics, the right audience, and the right length, we found two for you coming up soon:  

June 30, 2021 — Cyber Security Livecast  

A Step-By-Step Plan To Add Half A Million Or More In High-Profit MRR Selling Cyber Security Solutions 

Aug. 5, 2021 —MSP Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy Day 

Everything You Need To Know About Acquiring Other Companies, Merging With Other IT Firms For Strategic Growth, And Preparing Your Business To Sell For Maximum Profit 

Contact Your Big Red Media Account Manager Or Call Our Office At 844-999-0555 For An Event Prospectus Today. 

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