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As I write this, we’re putting the final touches on the first big event back in the channel and I’m certain it is going to be a roaring success. If you missed it, check out Flickr.com/robinrobins to get a feel for the event. I can guarantee that it was amazing! COVID-19 isn’t over quite yet, but we’re all on our way to kicking its butt and getting back to “business as normal.” 

Thanks to the effects of COVID-19, we here at Technology Marketing Toolkit/Big Red Media have seen a big shift that has changed the industry forever …  

The popularity of virtual events  

A huge surge in digital marketing within the channel 

What started out as a necessary shift to keep the lead flow coming in has turned into “business as usual” for many MSP channel companies. The big question I keep on hearing is what’s going to happen once live events come back in full force?  

In this issue, we dive deep into this question with an excellent digital marketing case study from Dell and our tips on how to pick the BEST virtual events to sponsor moving forward. 

Additionally, in this issue, I’m so happy to feature a good friend of the Robin Robins community, Bruce McCully. I first met Bruce as a new Producers Club member seven years ago when he joined the group for his MSP, Dynamic Edge. With offices in both Nashville and Michigan, Bruce has long been a welcome face in our office and at Producers Club meetings. Over the years, he grew (and then eventually sold) Dynamic Edge into a thriving monster of an MSP and was a two-time Better Your Best contest finalist (our top MSP competition each year at Technology Marketing Toolkits IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp). When Bruce came to me last January during our London MSP event with the idea for a new channel-focused company, I was certain from the start that it would be a hit … not because of the concept, but because of the leader that was ready to start the company — Bruce. Fast forward to 2021 and Bruce has gone all in on Galactic Advisors and all in on the Robin Robins community, already netting $1 Million-plus in first-year revenues from this community alone. His story is one that any channel company leader can learn and grow from. Hope you enjoy! 

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