Why Branding Is So Important (And How to Use Your Branding Dollars as a Secret Lead-Generation Engine on the Cheap!)

Let’s debunk a popular myth: Having a splashy logo and tagline is not good branding. And without good branding — which is how your company is recognized — money spent on trade show booths, webinar appearances, and other marketing goes to waste. The IT channel is a tightknit community. Nobody is going to approach, never mind work with, a company they don’t know. It’s too risky! And in the crowded MSP market, you can’t afford to waste ANY marketing spend.

But with the following three branding secrets, you can turn your brand into a low-cost advertising method that generates leads and enhances everything your company does.

One of the first hurdles is getting eyes on your brand. But which is more valuable: 10,000 general page views or 500 views from decision-makers at MSPs? For example, our paid Membership Dashboard only gets 2,200 visitors each month, but those visitors are the exact clients our top sponsors are looking for: motivated CEOs of MSPs looking to grow their business, get educated, and spend money to improve their companies and their bottom lines.

It all comes down to where you’re advertising. Ads are most effective when they’re backed by a company with a killer list. At the same time, your ideal buyer is more likely to trust you if your branding and ads appear in a venue they already have faith in.

So, what happens when your target buyer clicks on your ad or goes to your advertised website? Does it take them to a custom landing page optimized for lead capture and that encourages them to engage with your brand? Or does it just drop them off on your homepage with no further interaction? Are you at least getting an email address from them? Or better yet, getting them to opt into a lead funnel that nurtures prospects until they’re ready to take action.

The landing page is where you need to be super clear about what you want the lead to do, which means having a similarly clear strategy on your end. A strong “call to action” with a juicy offer is always better than a “learn more …” soft sell. You also need to be tracking. In 2021, there is no excuse to not track views, ad clicks, and leads. This data is literally money, telling you what’s working and where you’re just wasting advertising dollars.

The last secret for today is to diversify your media. You need to think about offline marketing as well as online solutions. Take Technology Marketing Toolkit for example: We market via digital ads, social media, and email, but we also use print advertising. And as you know, event marketing — the oldest kind in the book — is also a huge part of what we do.

If you want more, we didn’t just pull these branding secrets out of thin air. We’re experts at building brands and even offer branding packages, starting as low as $1,500 per month. If you need a hand with your brand, get started with your sales rep or click here now for more.

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