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For the busy (and who isn’t?), here are the key takeaways from the most popular articles in the MSP Success Magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy or follow the links to read the full version of anything that sparks your interest — there are always tips and tricks that we didn’t have space to put here! 

How To Create Clients For Life By Building Better Relationships

When you don’t have a regular touch with cli – ents, they lose value. One of the best ways to have a monthly touch with clients, whether you’re doing business right now or not, is to put out a targeted print newsletter. Dan Kennedy traces 50%–70% of his private clients to his newsletter readership, and MXOtech founder Joanna Sobran says her first year of newsletters brought in $360,000 in multiyear contracts. Newsletters help with retention (incidentally, MXOtech boasts a 98% retention rate) and the hard-copy medium gets a lot of attention in our mostly digital world. MSPSuccessMagazine.com/relationships 

The Biggest Ways MSPs Burn Profits 

No matter how much you spend on marketing, you might as well light the money on fire if your company doesn’t follow through by collecting every lead it can. Right now, the average MSP gets six leads a month — but that’s after burning 20% of the people who contact them by never following through. We did the math, and at that rate, you’re losing over $50,000 a year. Get a friend to be a “Secret Shopper” and fill out your web forms, send your company emails, and call the phone numbers you list. You’ll quickly see if your systems and people follow through, or if you’re just lighting potential profits on fire. MSPSuccessMagazine.com/burn 

5 Money “HoneyPots” Find More Profits, Clients And Sales Right Now 

After a crazy unstable 2020, these 5 “Honey – Pots” shouldn’t be ignored. You will have to work harder than ever to tap them, however. What are they? 1. Keep your best clients happy. 2. Revisit unconverted leads. 3. Double your sales and marketing efforts. 4. Go where the money is. 5. Be more diligent about capturing and following up on leads. Sound tricky? We tell you exactly how to do all of those things in the full article. MSPSuccessMagazine.com/honeypots 

Double Down On Marketing: Marcus Lemonis’ Keys To MSPs Thriving During A Crisis 

When you face adversity, you need advice from people who have already overcome difficult circumstances. Marcus Lemonis, now a big name in RV and outdoor equipment sales and a well-known television personality, is familiar with hardship: He was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in his native (and war-torn) Lebanon as an infant. Lemonis has persevered through mental illness, suicide attempts, and the other things people don’t usually talk about. To him, it’s all fuel. And he sees a lot of potential for MSPs, even with today’s hardships. In this article, he sits down with us and explains what you’re doing right, and wrong, during the pandemic. MSPSuccessMagazine.com/lemonis 

InTech Solutions Becomes One of The Fastest Growing, Most Successful Cybersecurity IT Firms In Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania is not a small state, but InTech co-founder and CEO Leia Shilobod has managed to take her company to new heights despite stiff competition. She credits her success to knowing what business owners actually want and looking at IT security solutions from a client’s perspective, in addition to meeting the purely technical challenges. In this article, Leia talks about company values, the good of the channel as a whole, and the importance of IT compliance in keeping government contracts. MSPSuccessMagazine.com/intech 

How This Husband And Wife Duo Built One Of The Most Successful IT Services Firms In New England With $100 And A Unique Approach To Stellar Service 

Build an IT company with a hundred bucks? We didn’t believe it either until we talked to Eric Shorr, who did exactly that from a dorm room back in 1992. An early proponent of getting a business advantage through LANs, Eric’s venture really took off when his wife, Lisa, came aboard. Now, Secure Future Tech is one of the fastest-growing and most highly awarded IT firms in New England. If you’ve ever wondered how to cater to both small businesses and enterprise-level giants or how people skills can make you serious money, these two have the answers. MSPSuccessMagazine.com/duo

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